Invited speakers

  • Prof. BOSI Stefano, Deputy Scientific Director, CNRS, Topic: “How to Write and Publish a Research Paper in Economics”
  • Prof. DANG Van Ky, Ecole Polytecnique. Topic: ”Friction, cyclic loading : two key questions in studying damages induced by contact between solids”
  • Dr. BITARD Pièrre, Advisor, ANRT. Topic: “FutuRIS, a French Research and Innovation System and Ph.D. Researchers”
  • Prof. LEVY Aldo, University Professor at CNAM Paris and Associated Professor at ISC Business School, Topic: “How to Succeed in Writing a Ph.D. Thesis”
  • Dr. MASSIN Patrick, Director, LaMSID. Topic: “Why is there a Need for Mechanics and Computational Mechanics at EDF and How is this Research Funded”
  • Dr. RIBAS Mélanie, Adjunct Director, ABG-Intelli'agence. Topic: “Job Market for Ph.D. Researchers”
  • Dr. TRAN Nhu Cuong, Engineer - Researcher, EDF R&D. Topic: "Research & Developement in Industrial Groups. Illustration on the Energy Industry - EDF R&D"
  • Dr. TRAN-THI Thu Hoa, Research Director, CNRS. Topic: “From Basic to Applied Research and Technology Transfer”
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